John Saunders

John Saunders

John joins us directly from Australia to share his talents as an author and provide valuable life lessons.
     John Saunders’ recently published Amazon Bestselling book One In Six can be found in digital and hard copy here:
     One in Six is the courageous story of healing broken hearts. It’s a compressed compilation of 30 years of significant healing moments that taught John about his innate capacity to give and receive love and now help others do the same. One In Six is so much more than a story of overcoming childhood sexual abuse, it’s a story of manhood, of relationships, of awakening and of the commonality in our life’s journey.
     John Saunders is an author, counsellor and advocate for child sexual abuse survivors. John has the ability to clearly articulate the emotionality and events that happened that other victims cannot.
     He’s authored Sexual Abuse Survivor’s Handbook: One Man Fights the Catholic Church (2013) and now One in Six: Sexual Abuse and the Power to Overcome (2019), a personal memoir about John’s childhood abuse and recovery process.He is the first person in Australia to take the Catholic Church to court on a Duty of Care case.
     In 2013, John produced a Hansard Report for the state Parliament of NSW within the Australian Government, advocating for victims of institutional child sexual abuse for Recognition, Reconciliation and Compensation.
     He produced a submission to the Australian Royal Commission (ARC) into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse for realistic compensation for survivors – ARC requested it be read out at their inquiry. John also supports victims as they navigate their way through their legal proceedings.
     John designed and facilitates Institutional Child Sexual Abuse Public Education Forums. Through these forums and public lectures, he seeks to break down the social taboos that prevent open and honest discussions about child sexual abuse. By bringing together abuse survivors, healthcare and legal professionals, local government agencies and religious groups, John mediates important conversations on the effects institutional child abuse has on individuals and communities. He is dedicated to helping abuse survivors heal and have a voice.
     He lives in Northern New South Wales, Australia.